Types of Stone


Granite is a common and widely occurring type of rock. Granite is one of the most popular stones for many different types of monuments.

We offer granite in all sizes and colors. In Horry County and in the Carolinas, blue granite is the most popular type of granite. However, granite comes in a variety of color ranging from black to pink. 


Marble is a very classy and sophisticated type of stone that is used in many varieties. It is often requested for memorial monuments and for indoor showcases, although is it very durable in all weather. We mainly sell Georgia Marble but also offer our customers a selection from the Vermont Marble. 


Bronze is a classic way to memorialize a person or an organization. It is a bright, bold metal that stands out among ordinary stone. Bronze is a great choice for any monument that you have in mind. Bronze memorials may be cast in all shapes and sizes with rectangle bronze memorials being the most popular in our service area.  Bronze memorials are usually framed with a granite or marble base.